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Invisalign aligners is an innovative procedure straightening teeth without braces, using a series of detachable aligners, almost invisible, which are adapted specifically to your teeth.

Dental Braces

Types of dental braces: lingual braces, sapphire brackets, ceramic brackets, metal brackets

Dental Implant

At the moment the dental implants represent the only possibility to replace the missing teeth with the help of fixed dental prosthetics

Dental Crowns

They are of 4 types: metal-ceramic, zirconia, E-Max and CEREC crowns

Oral Surgery

We offer the high treatment of oral surgery, extractions, resections, teeth surgery without pain, the medium being reliable and sterile

Dental Prosthetics

Fixed and mobile of all types

Dental Veneers

Being of 3 types from zirconia, porcelain and E-Max

Dental whitening

 By 2 methods: Professional dental whitening with lamp or whitening with gel

Dental Filling

Dental restoration with composite materials for dental filling with photopolymerization

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When it comes to your health, you deserve the best. At Dentino we are committed to provide premium dental care to our patients

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Medical consultation

The dentist will evaluate your dental health immediately and you will discuss together the treatment options and how to solve the problems encountered within the shortest possible time

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Medical professional

Exceptional facilities with continuous investments in skills and technology, high standards of medical care and friendly atmosphere every day

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